Friday, April 6, 2012

TIPS - IRQ not less or equal blue screen

This Windows blue screen message sometimes appears after plug in new hardware to a PC system. To troubleshoot this problem, you may follow these steps:

  • Unplug the new piece of hardware, is the message no more?
  • Do not assume your new hardware is bad. It may be your power supply unit (PSU) is not stable, or not giving enough power to the added hardware power consumption. Get another better PSU and try
  • Sometimes, bad memory (RAM) could be a problem, especially when you didn't add any new hardware recently. And, your system suddenly start to show such a blue screen. Do a memory test. Many will recommend you to use http://www.memtest.org/. Another simple way is, if your BIOS setup has memory test function, it could save you some time.
For a laptop, it may not be so easy to change the power supply unit. Then, try to disable some built-in functions like fingerprint, light sensor, 1394 port, modem, etc. of your laptop through the BIOS setup. 

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