Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to keep track of your IT inventory?

Another big headache of every IT admin, how to keep track your IT inventory? If you don't have the budget for a big software, here's a freeware, which may be exactly what you need:

Go to http://www.frostbow.com/downloads/index.shtml and download their Frostbow Home Inventory lite version and install it.

It tracks some important data:
-        Item name, serial number, warranty period, acquired date, manufacturer, ...
-        category, condition, item value, even item pictures ...

I love its simplicity and single database file design (very portable). The spreadsheet like “Grid view” give a quick view to the inventory list.

Now, you might want to change field names, adjust default values, … Yes, you can! Download their  full trial version and use it to make all the adjustments you like. Save the settings and just continue to use the “lite” version to do your daily business!

If you start to love this great tool, your appreciation might move you to buy their full version product to benefit from the full functionality of it.

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