Saturday, December 11, 2010

A review of portable mini projector

When I was asked to source a mini projector, be honest, I have no idea what I'm looking for. The request was “a very portable projector … 200 lumen”. My first impression was “no way”, a “200 lumen” projector!!? I would be too dim to be practical. In fact, after some studies and test, it's not as bad as it sounds...

There are big names supply mini projectors, such as 3M, Dell...; then, I notice a new technology – LED projector. The advantages of LED projectors are that it consumes much less energy, less heat produced, and the light source can last for at least 30,000 hours. So durable that, it virtually means the light can last for its lifetime. Traditional projector light bulb is unmatchable and much more expensive. Thanks for the new LED technology!

Surely you will find more and more LED projectors, smaller and lighter, yet bright enough. For example, the Acer K11 – my final choice – gives 200 lumen and weights just 600 grams. Brightness, totally acceptable to be used even in a well-lighted office room. With USB, HDMI, VGA support and built-in speakers, I love it!

Of course, better models are sure to come from other competitors like SAMSUNG, LG, etc. But, my comment is LED projectors are worth a look and very practical for home and even commercial use! It is also more environmental-friendly!

Last words, get a table tripod with your mini projector – a budget of less than US$10, surely you can find a good table tripod for your baby.

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