Monday, June 4, 2012

DISCUSSION - A List of Recommended Android Apps

Here's a list of Android Apps, which I'll always keep on my Android devices. Of course, you may have your own favorites. But, these may be helpful to give you a good starting:

  • ES Explorer (EStrongs Inc.) - provides you a bundle of extra functions compared to the built-in Explorer
  • Color Note (Notes) - though many people love Evernote, but for me, after comparing the two, I prefer Color Note, can save and send to others
  • Skitch (Evernote Corp.) - a very elegant tool to do free hand drawings, with auto smoothing, very efficient apps
  • Whiteboard (HenryHuang) - with a simple interface, yet I love it's simplicity
  • Handrite (NC Corp.) - a very fast free handwriting notepad, can edit 
  • StopWatch & Timer (sportstracklive.com) - so far no ads. Count up and down. I used to like UltraChron Stopwatch, however it's recent update with ads really disappointed me
  • Skype (Skype) - it's choice because of no choice!!
  • Offline dictionaries (NGHS.FR) - if you have a chance to search for Android dictionary apps, you'll experience much frustration of the lacking of an offline good dictionary apps. Really good ones like Cobuild are paid apps. Free dictionary apps are most likely with ads and support only online dictionary. Offline dictionary is really very rare. This one worth try
  • Merriam Webster (Merriam-Webster Inc.) - another offline dict, but sometimes you might feel the definitions and explanation a bit change
  • Winamp (Nullsoft Inc.) - work much like its Windows version, very well-designed apps for music playing
  • Music Volume EQ (K&K Design) - often a problem of Android tablet is the built-in speaker sound too soft. This EQ can help boost certain frequencies and make your bulilt-in speaker usable. This is especially helpful when you use Skype on Android tablet
  • Maps (Google Inc.) - Google map, I think no need to explain
  • QuickPic (AlenSW.COM) - many Android users are frustrated with the built-in Gallery, which is very inefficient in handling photos on your device. QuickPic, as the name indicates, it is QUICK, it's really FAST in browsing and viewing pictures!! I also love its options like excluding some folders when browsing, so you can skip some not-interested pictures
  • Zoner Antivirus (Zoner, Inc.) - install and you can almost forget even the presence of an antivirus. It's so light-weight and transparent in functioning
  • Aldiko Book Reader (Aldiko Limited) - unlike Apple's IOS, Android simply lacking a good ePub reader, but this one, after I've tried half a dozen of ePub readers, this is my choice, really satisfied
  • MX Player (MX Technologies) - there're many good media players, video players; but this one gives me a very clean feel, though sometimes its buttons are not working as they suppose to be
  • GO Launcher (GO Launcher Dev Team) - it replaces the default Android launcher. However, on Android 4, I like to default more than GO