Thursday, March 23, 2017

[SOLVED] ASUS Monitor Cannot Show Everything, Or Shifted to One Side

Like monitors of other brands, there's kind of "Auto Adjust" feature on the monitor itself, not on Windows. Find the button on the monitor itself to do this.

For ASUS monitors, there's a button looks like this. Press and hold it for about 4 seconds.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

[SOLVED] Outlook When Pressed "OK" ...error message "The end date you entered occurs before the start date"

After I've changed my signature in Outlook and mail fonts in "Options", once I pressed OK, this is the error message:

"The end date you entered occurs before the start date"

Yes, this is very annoying! Here's the fix...

In "Outlook Options", at the left side find "Calendar". Then, at the top, can you see the "Work hours:" with the "Start time" and "End time" right below it? Now check, if the "Start time" is later than the "End time", the error message will show. Change it for example to "Start Time=8:00 AM" and the "End time=5:00 PM".

I just wonder, can Microsoft be more creative and helpful to auto-fix it!

[SOLVED] Windows Live Mail Show Only Progress Window or Like "Freezed" When Startup

This morning a client called, saying her Windows Live Mail is not working... when it starts, only see the progress window of error mail sending, it didn't load Windows Live Mail...

After some checking, I saw multiple instances of "wlmail.exe" in the task manager. "End Task" of these mal-functioning executables bring the Windows Live Mail back to normal. Of course, a reboot will also solve the problem...

Happy that I checked the task manager instead of uninstall and re-install  Windows Live Mail or even editing registries.... ;>

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

[SOLVED] Lenovo ideapad Boot to BIOS Failed

When I'm trying to boot to BIOS on my ideapad S210, it simply go directly to Windows 10. It's something to do with the "shutdown" mode of Windows 10, which is not really a normal shutdown, but like a sleep mode.

To solve it: 

1) Restart Windows 10. (Again, a shutdown in Windows 10 is hibernation)
2) Press F2 (or, FN+F2 if you have a keyboard with function keys in orange text). Besides, if you just want to change the startup boot device, it's F12.

Source: http://www.infralib.com/2015/03/lenovo-bios-key/

Now your ideapad should be able to boot to BIOS.