Saturday, July 13, 2013

TIPS: How to Install Microsoft Apploc in Windows 7

Sometimes, you may want to run some older software on your Windows 7, which requires the use of Microsoft Application Locale tool (apploc). You will notice a normal installation seems hopelessly failed. Here's how you may install it.


  1. Download apploc.msi from Microsoft's website
  2. Press Windows Start, in "Search Programs and Files", type "cmd"
  3. The command prompt tool "cmd.exe" shows on list, right click on it "Run as administrator"
  4. Using this command prompt window, go to the folder where you've stored your apploc.msi.
  5. Type "apploc.msi" to start the installation
  6. You should be able to finish the installation wizard

SOLVED! Windows Live Mail or Outlook Cannot Connect to Hotmail Account, Keep Asking for a Password

If you're using HOTMAIL or OUTLOOK.COM, and recently you have started the 2-STEP Verification (i.e., you've asked Microsoft to send you a verification code to verify your mobile device or computer), the chance is that YOU NEED TO ENTER THE App Password generated by Microsoft instead of the password you set for yourself.


  1. From your web browser, logon HOTMAIL / OUTLOOK.COM mail. You can successfully logon, because your password is correct.
  2. Go to your Account, Overview, then Security Settings
  3. Scroll down the page to find the section "App Passwords"
  4. Click on the click "Create a new App Password"
  5. Copy the App Password and paste it on your Email Client (like Windows Live Mail or Outlook) when it prompts for a password. IT SHOULD BE THE APPS PASSWORD, NOT THE PASSWORD YOU YOURSELF MADE.

Sorry, life is getting complicated!!

SOLVED! Thunderbird Portable Takes Extremely Long to Load or Cannot Load

A friend has a copy of Thunderbird Portable installed on his computer for checking emails. After a month's using, it's getting unstable and suddenly one day it stops loading. He called me for help and here're some findings, then a possible FIX for you..., besides an overview of my troubleshooting steps.

The first thing I check, Task Manager, I see one instance of "thunderbirdportable.exe", but two instances of "thunderbird.exe". Obviously, these are from previous freeze, and he double clicked on the Thunderbird icon again. Stopping all these tasks won't help.

Then, I used PROCMON.exe (from Microsoft) to monitor what the thunderbird.exe is actually doing, and it seems that it's doing nothing...or maybe waiting, or even it's hanged...

I copied the whole Thunderbird folder (because it's a portable version) to my PC and started it. It started perfectly fine! Well, this is something related to the "SYSTEM" of his computer, not just with the Thunderbird...

I started to suspect the way Thunderbird is working, TEMP FILES!!! I checked and found out that there're 4,000+ temporary files in the temporary folder "C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp", which is also the folder that Thunderbird is storing some temporary files*. Most of the temporary files in this folder reported 0KB in file size.

SOLUTION: Delete temporary files from the folder "C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp". Then, restart Thunderbird again. Or, reboot and start Thunderbird. (if you do not know how to End Task of all Thunderbird processes)

*Notes: When Thunderbird starts, a temporary folder is being created in the user's TEMP folder, you may identify this folder by looking for a file with name "splash.jpg" inside the folder.