Your life can be easier with these tools handy!


  • CPU Benchmark - searchable list of almost all CPUs for their performance, benchmarking results
  • Android Benchmark - to benchmark your android tablet or phone, compare performance with other android tablets
  • Flash Drive Benchmark - to benchmark your USB flash drive, to compare read / write performance, which is useful especially detailed specification for flash drives are commonly not available
  • Power Supply Calculator - to calculate power requirement of a PC in selection of a power supply (CoolerMaster)
  • IT Inventory tracking software - Frostbow Home Inventory - the lite version is a free, unlimited stock item tracking, which is good enough for most small business
  • Clonezilla - quick and free hard disk migration tool, like Norton Ghost; great tool for cloning hard disk drives
  • HDD Cloning Software (Redo Backup Recovery) - a freeware, platform independent, supports cloning by USB and over network
  • Ultimate Boot CD - a great set of tools, like swiss knife, for every network administrator and IT man
  • Windows SysInternals - another set of tools for your day to day IT troubleshootings
  • Notepad++ - why pay for an editor if you can use this powerful syntax sensitive (color coded) editor, with built-in FTP, good even for your web programming use

  • Speedtest.net - a very userfriendly web tool to test your Internet bandwidth
  • Speakeasy - bandwidth test to various servers in United States
  • dslreports - flash speed test, using various services

  • VMWare vCenter Converter - a very powerful tool to convert your physical machines to VMs, unbelievably free of charge!
  • Disk2VHD - real time tool to convert physical hard disk to virtual disk file (VHD)
  • VMware Player - highly recommended free virtualization solution, good for your testing different platforms; as well as personal use. Works very well with Windows platforms. Freeware.
  • VirtualBox - if you'd like to run Windows on your Mac OS, here's the free tool; works very much like VMware Player