Sunday, July 23, 2017

SOLVED! Transferring SMS, photos, videos and other files over Wi-Fi connection

Just got a new smartphone, moved my 2 SIM cards and memory card to the new phone. But, my SMS messages are all gone. Also, my pictures and videos on the old phone is not transferred.

The Android Gallery is not quite helpful in transferring my media files.

SOLUTION: ZenLink from ASUS is used to transfer my pictures, videos and other files from my old phone to new phone. It does not matter if your phone is not ASUS. It works for all phones, I believe. Just install ZenLink on both your new and old phones, moving files over your home Wi-Fi is easy!


Then, what about my SMS messages....

SOLUTION: SMS Backup & Restore is another app that makes the work easy. You can make backup of your SMS and call records to your Google Drive. Then, restore on your new phone.

During the transfer process, the app will take over your default messaging app. Don't worry, after the transfer, simply uninstall the app and give your default app back the control.


Happy, happy! Now, my new phone is ready!