Monday, October 8, 2012

HOW TO - Remove Personal Information from Microsoft Office Documents

Often times, you may want to remove personal information from your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc. This is especially true when you're going to send such a file to someone else, and you don't want to tell people who has prepared the document, or other internal comments, tracking information, template names, even internal email address headers, etc.

In Office 2010 and also 2013, you have a handy tool for sharing files with others without exposing such "confidential" or hidden information in your Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Follow these Steps:

  1. Go to "File", select "Info".
  2. Look for  "Prepare for Sharing" and the big button "Check for Issues", select "Inspect Document".
  3. Check everything and press "Inspect" button.
  4. If hidden data (personal information) found, a button named "Remove All" will be available, Press it to remove the hidden data

For more information, check this out:

For example, Office Starter Word has limitation of certain hidden data will not be able to be removed.

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