Saturday, April 13, 2013

SOLVED! Microsoft Live Group Invitation Not Received

I've created a group in Microsoft SkyDrive, with a Group Calendar to share with my friends. In the past, I was able to send an email invitation to others. So users can check their mail, click on a button to join. Just the receivers will receive these invitation to join group in their Junk mail (this is unbelievable enough, Microsoft treated its own mails as "junk"!).

Recently, strange things happens, even in Junk box there's nothing found. The invitation to My Group is really sent, and if I try to send again, it told me that I'm still waiting for the user to reply...

After searching through so many settings at the user side, what I found is that Microsoft HAS CHANGED its way of handling invitations!

Solution: Ask the user to log in their Hotmail/Outlook account, go to People, Manage, View Invitations. There you go! REALLY, MICROSOFT IS UNBELIEVABLE!

Updated Solution:
Ask the user to log in their Hotmail/Outlook account, go to SkyDrive, Groups, View Group Invitation.


  1. Thank you - I've been struggling with this one as well, so it's good to know there is a solution. And totally agree with your point on MS. I often feel that none of their employees actually uses a PC - it's the only way that you can explain what are otherwise utterly bizarre decisions.

  2. I've got the same problem for a long while now. I tried different things and nothing solved the problem. Even this solution doesn't work for me.
    I created a test account, invited myself, went to People, Manage... but there is no View invitations option...