Monday, November 4, 2013

SOLVED! My Android Too Many Pattern Attempts, Locked!

Just got a call from a friend, his Android tablet is locked because of too many failed pattern attempts. I don't have his Google account information and he's forgotten his Google account information! Even his Google account name has been forgotten!

Last resort, wipe data and return to factory default. Follow these steps*:

*it works on his Vido Tablet, same set of buttons may work for you; principle the same.

1)      Turn OFF the tablet.
2)      Hold <Power><Vol+> until the tablet is ON.
3)      You will see a screen different. Now, press <Vol+> to see a menu
4)      Press <Vol-> to change to option “wipe data/factory reset”

5)      Press <Power> button to select

Now, your Android is wiped clean and returns to the factory default settings. All your personal data gone, ... well, it won't take you too long to re-setup everything...

For Alcatel Phones/Tablets
Long press “# key” and “power on key” at the same time in power off mode, then you will be asked “All data will be lost, continue?” After you select “Yes,” the sequence will be entered with reminder “Formatting flash, please wait.” The phone will auto switch on when reset finishes. Please do not manipulate the phone or remove the battery during this process.

NOTES: For OT-Mini (OT-708) specifically, due to the touch panel design, reset can be performed only by long pressing “upper side key” and “power on key” at the same time.

Reference: http://www.alcatelonetouch.com/global-en/support/faq/phone_reset.html


  1. amazing -- it really works :D ^,^ -- God Bless

  2. thanks guys...it really help me a lot

  3. I brought odomo, android jellybean teblet I lost pettren lock code and login password also.... it's got only power key and there is no hard volume key for this tab.. How to to reset?? Pls help...

    1. In your case, go to vendor support site and download your tablet model's firmware package. Follow instructions to flash it's firmware.

  4. very helpful, thanks a bunch