Saturday, December 11, 2010


A friend called me today for some advice because her computer behaves strangely after switching to an antivirus software called “c.o.m.xxx”, even can't spell the name properly. After doing some research, it is actually “comodo”, which is a free antivirus based in US and UK.

It's my first time to hear this name, what a shame! Yet, what my friend  experienced confirmed the truthfulness of the comments from PC Magazine, which says “...Sandbox technology can prevent valid programs from installing or running correctly...” -

It is not uncommon to see some antivirus software go a bit too “aggressive” and “sensitive”, in this case “comodo” seems to fall into the category. However, I'm not saying that then we shouldn't use “comodo”. The fact is that, even for paid software like Norton and Trend Micro, all have the same problem. It's always a challenge to balance between security and practicality. You can have a very very very secure system, but nothing else could run on it, do you want it?

My opinion is to be reasonable, and realize that “human factor” is always the weakest factor. Awareness of security threat is the single major factor that determines your level of security. Of course, a security software is a must and it does help, yet even the most secured system in the world can be breached by someone who is lacking awareness of the threat.

If you are not satisfied with one antivirus software, there is always another software vendor happy to offer you an alternative free version if you don't mind spending the time uninstalling and installing.

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