Friday, December 24, 2010

Hong Kong MTR Advertisement – Windows Blue Screen!

This is the second time in this week I saw – a big Mega 103” Windows blue screen advertisement on Hong Kong MTR's HD TV* – this time at Yau Tong, and the other time at Tai Koo Shing.

I wonder if there'll be compensation to sponsors. Besides, it reflects the technology behind or the attitude of Hong Kong MTR, which worries many and surely damaging the corporate's public image.

In fact, it's not just Hong Kong MTR alone, but often happened in other outdoors huge LCD/Plasma TV advs. Some are even being hacked or infected by virus! What a BIG advertisement, friend!

Having a brilliant video adv of course is important, yet a stable display software/hardware platform is essential too. Windows XP is surely not a good platform for such application. Some kind of backup system should always exist as well.
*Fact from HK MTR:
Mega 103” TV Network covers trackside and concourse area at a total of 48 MTR stations through 105 units of 103” HD Plasma TV and 51 HD LCD TV with optimal coverage of mass audiences.

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