Monday, March 19, 2012

DISCUSSION - Microsoft's Live.com or Googles?

After using Googles for so long, I'm always a happy user of Googles. However, recently I've been heavily testing the features available in Microsoft's live.com (SkyDrive). My conclusion, Microsoft's live.com is my choice in Calendar, Web Apps (Office Applications) and Group sharing!!

  • Better compatibility of your Microsoft Office - currently, Web Apps of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote are available
  • Better learning curve as the Web Apps user interface resembles their desktop full version
  • Easy integration of web calendars to your Outlook
  • Easy integration of web mails to your Outlook or Windows Live mail client
  • OneNote App available for your smartphone, easy synchronization
  • Easy document sharing with security rights set, concurrent edit with good response time
  • 25GB SkyDrive storage
  • Professional look and very user friendly
  • Occasionally, users may experience server bottlenecks and slowness in response time
  • Googles offer far more features than Microsoft's SkyDrive
  • Googles is consistently faster, with proven reliability
  • Mobile or tablet device support is lacking, only OneNote is supported. Android Apps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email, Calendar are severly lacking
  • For sharing, users need a hotmail or live account, which is a hindrance for use because many are happy with their Googles account
In the mean time, I'll keep my Googles account and it's hard for me to believe that Microsoft will provide the same set of features for free as Googles. However, for documents and calendar sharing, Microsoft SkyDrive is definitely my choice!!

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