Monday, March 19, 2012

HOW TO - Sync Hotmail Calendar to Android

To synchronize Hotmail mails and calendar to your Android device#, do these:

You should have a calendar app on your Android device. If you're happy with your current calendar, go directly to (1); otherwise, you may also go to Android Market to download and install a calendar app like "aCalendar".

  1. On your Android device, go to Android Market, download Hotmail app (by Microsoft + SEVEN)* and install it
  2. Open Hotmail app, setup your Hotmail account
  3. Press and hold on your account, select Settings. In Calendar item, check "Sync Calendar". Return back to Account Settings
  4. Press Sync New Calendar
Other Hotmail data like contacts and email folders can also be synchronized in a similar way. By default, only your Hotmail Inbox will be synchronized. Also, there's a limit of maximum 30 days to keep your Inbox mail data.

#Hotmail sync also supports other phones like Windows Phone, iPhone, some Nokia phones and BlackBerry phones. - http://explore.live.com/hotmail-mobile?T1=t1
*There are other apps with similar names. However, this is the only official app for Hotmail sync.


  1. Just found a situation that will stop you from sync with Hotmail - logon to Hotmail's webpage and make sure you're able to browse to the calendar using web page. Then, go to your Android and sync again...

  2. what if you have outlook.com account?

  3. You can always fool the setup wizard by giving any hotmail.com account, even a non-exist account. Then, finish the wizard and change it bck to outlook.com.

    This is a workaround, until Microsoft will update its Hotmail apps to support the new Outlook.com.

  4. Nice Blog ,Thanks for Sharing the information.