Monday, February 13, 2012

HOW TO - Erase Personal Data from Android Device

Before you dispose your old Android device, remember to erase / remove your personal data. Basically, two places your personal data is stored.

1) External Memory Card Storage - such as TF / micrSD card.
  • If your device support memory card, remove the memory card from your device. Keep it. Some smartphones have the memory card hidden inside the phone, near the battery. Read the device user or service manual to make sure of that.
2) Internal Memory Storage, which is built into your device

  • On your Android system, go to "Settings". Find the item "Privacy". Make sure your data is backuped. Use the "Back up my data" option to backup your data first. To proceed with the personal data erase, find the under Personal Data the option "Factory data reset (Erases all data on MID)". Press and confirm.
It's also a good idea to change your Googles account password.

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