Saturday, February 18, 2012

SOLVED! - Nokia Messages Not Sync Error

It's been for a few months, my Nokia phone can't sync properly using the Nokia Ovi Suite. For unknown reason, it simply can't sync even with the phone status connected (using bluetooth). Only rebooting the PC will get the sync back.

Just downloaded and upgraded the software to Nokia Suite - its new name - things get much better!! Besides have a fresher look, you see more info of phone and even apps installed. The way the phone sync with the software is also noticably different. Especially like the  different color codes of text messages.

However, even with this new release, messages are occasionally not fully synced. For example, when I replied someone's message, it does not show. One reason should be the different date time stamp of messages from different phones, which mess up things... anyway, still there's improvement.
The new Nokia Suite:

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