Friday, February 10, 2012

DISCUSSION - Killing Android Processes and Battery Life

I've read quite a number of posts on Android forums, discussing and sometimes heated arguing about the use of tools like "process killers" or "task terminators" to save battery life of Android devices or tablets.

Simply put, many people believe that by killing unwanted processes running on your Android, you can save your battery life. However, others disagree, stating that no matter how many processes we run, the power consumption should be more or less the same. Besides, users killing processes in such a brutal way may corrupt their apps or even the Android system.

The fact is that, both can be correct at least to some degree. By killing processes running on Android, battery life can be extended. I personally experimented it with my Anroid tablet. Yet, the concern of others who disagree can't be ignored.

Interestingly, the reason why killing processes can save power is that many Apps works on your memory card, get access to your Internet (that means, using your wifi), which consumes much power. That's the major reason why killing unwanted processes can save battery life.

However, think carefully, why will an Android device full of Apps trying to get access to the Internet? Besides certain legitimate Apps requiring to work properly with Internet access. Also, don't forget the many "FREE" Apps that loads you with tons of Ads, gathering your information, etc.

Here again, a warning, there's no free lunch... so, be a wise Android user!

A very effective way to save battery power is to DISABLE YOUR WIFI CARD WHEN NOT USED.

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