Thursday, February 16, 2012

SOLVED! - Changing a Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 from English to Korean

A Korean friend just purchased a Lenovo Edge E120 with English Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 preinstalled. Here came a very challenging task - to change the interface to Korean language.

Vistalizator is a great tool to use. However, it does not support Windows 7 SP1. So, what I did is to reinstall the Windows 7 to the RTM (no service pack). I was fortunate enough to use the same Windows 7  key came with the Lenovo Edge. Successfully activated!

To change the interface is pretty straight forward, download and run Vistalizator. Add the downloaded copy of the Korean language for Windows 7 RTM. Reboot, ... done... Korean interface!!

A bit time consuming is to go to Lenovo's website and download all the needed device drivers for the Edge E120... finally...

I can now perform a normal Windows Update to SP1, perfect!!

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  1. Lol I use Vistalizator on Win 7 SP1 with compatibility mode hahahahha and it works :DDDDDDDD

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