Thursday, February 16, 2012

TIPS - Vistalizator 7601 Error

Today, trying to use Vistalizator on a Windows 7 notebook. Error 7601 when run. It seems to be an error generated by the program because of a check of the compatibility of my computer for use in Vistalizator. To workaround the error, you "may" right click on the Vistalizator program, select "Troubleshoot Compatibility". Try another version of Windows like Vista / Windows 2008 in order to fool the software to run.

BUT BEWARE!!  Officially, Vistalizator DOES NOT SUPPORT Windows 7 SP1 (at least up to this moment). You are at your own risk to try to fool it this way. A better way is to downgrade your Window 7 (if possible). Vistalizator should run without any problem.

Hopefully, soon Vistalizator will support Windows 7 SP1. You know what, I'm going to submit my request to them! I still believe that Vistalizator is great!

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